Consultancy Services


Consultancy Services


Business Development

VetAssist can engage with the practice by performing a Business Triage (review), which by spending a day in your practice working alongside the practice team, can recognize new business opportunities and develop business services.


Interpreting a practice’s specific needs into a working layout and design, fit to grow and develop your business into. While looking at the team’s, client’s and most importantly patient’s needs, to create a veterinary practice layout fit for purpose.

Training & Mentoring

VetAssist can provide one to one or group training, delivered remotely or on site to accommodate the practice needs. There are various training sessions available such as Communication Skills, Nurse Clinics, Leadership and Management, Mentoring and Coaching.

Welcome to Vet Assist

My name is Melanie O’Donoghue and VetAssist is my Practice Development Consultancy business. Working with Veterinary Practices to develop premises and services to enhance the health and wellbeing of patients in their care. It was initially started in 2003 with Veterinary Practice design and then evolved into training and business development as practices were growing their veterinary teams and client base while becoming more species specific. VetAssist offers a variety of services designed to develop your premises, with Practice design and layout advice, having an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the practices requirements and patients needs. By developing the Practice Team with group or one to one training in Communication skills, Leadership and Management skills, Nurse Clinics, Marketing and Mentoring. Also offering HR Management guidance to help develop protocols to protect both the practice and employees. It also offers a Business Triage(Review) service which by spending a day in your practice, working with the team, I can help identify possible business opportunities, while exploring how you are marketing your practice and how to utilise digital platforms to enhance your customer touchpoints and services. Giving a different perspective on your business.

Melanie O’Donoghue – RVN(RCVS)

DipDM, DipLM, DipHRM, CertAgri,
Certified Fear Free Practitioner.

Client Testimonials

Melanie brings to the table a deep understanding of and a breadth of experience of Veterinary Practice. Multifaceted comprehensive analysis of structure, staff, strengths and opportunities. Excellent interpersonal skills and thought provoking insights with clear conclusions for practice progression.

I chose VetAssist to help me in preparation for an upcoming interview. The service is specifically tailored to my own field of work in Veterinary practice. I could not find any other provider that offers this quality of personalised service. Melanie was so approachable and her professionalism was second to none. Melanie helped me develop knowledge of my skill set while teaching me how to best articulate this information in an interview scenario.

Melanie has used her experience as a veterinary nurse, coupled with expertise in design to provide fantastic solutions for our small animal clinic and surgery. Her design displays deep empathy for patients and their owners combined with an understanding of the Vets and Vet Nurses behavior to create a very positive veterinary experience for all.